Dell Hell

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‘Dell Hell’ is a good demonstration of the power of social media and its direct impact on both Dell’s failure and success. Everything started with Jeff Jarvis raising  criticism about the machine he bought from Dell, which ended up being malfunctioned immediately after he received. He was asked by the customer support to send the machine back to the company. As an unhappy costumer, he revealed his anger on blogsphere and complained about this situation. Soon enough, his ‘cry’ got remarkable reaction on social media. It was like a snowball effect. One criticism triggered hundreds of complaints of other Americans who share the same experience and feelings about Dell’s poor costumer service.

But what’s worse is that Dell remained silence against these mounting frustration on social media. Eventually, it hurt the reputation and stuck price of the company. This is a quite fiasco for a company like Dell. Following a ‘don’t look, don’t touch’ policy definitely wasn’t a good decision. I don’t mean to support ‘customer is always right’ policy  but at least they should have taken into account some plausible complaints coming from costumers and improve their customer service using online tools and with better staff.

I also think that big corporate companies are well-aware of their short-comings and strengths in the competitive market. It is not a surprise to them when they face with negative feed backs. In my opinion, Dell too knew its short-comings. They didn’t wake up one day and learned this fact from their costumers.

However, there is one thing that they learned which changed the company’s understanding. It is the power of social media. When their brand and stock price got hurt by this growing frustration, they realized the  remarkable impact of online media on their success. This led them to improve their customer service quality and engage with the bloggers and social media experts. Dell listened the mourning of its costumers and ‘re-borned from their ashes’.


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