Our press release to smashing gallon prank at our Dia Market

Recently, a video showing people smashing gallons of milk hit million views on internet. Many of these episodes took place in Dia’s stores. But what is this smashing gallons gimmick really about? For those who don’t know outside there, these pranksters  go to grocery store, which in this case is ours. One slams the gallons of milk to the floor, pretends to slip on the liquid while other one films him. Shoppers get flabbergasted. They try to help the guy. Some shopkeepers get involved too. But wait until a granny tries to get him up. Priceless. It can’t get any better than that. Yes, we know that is very fun to slip on the floor, like when we were kids. It is almost impossible not to laugh while watching these clips.

Not even mention the  possible broken bones and several wasted dollars,  the vital question is: Who’s cleaning that mess up? It is not you for sure but hey, we know one. Javier Iglesias. He’s been working for Dia since 2003. One of his functions is to clean the floor. When you left the store, he mopped the floor all by himself, struggling not to fall down like an acrobat but failed to do so.  And you know what? He didn’t have fun.

Fortunately, no one got seriously hurt so far. But the risk is high. And, right now, there are 30 thousand families with kids in Spain needing milk and 37 million people starving in Africa.

Slipping, sliding, falling, messing around with gallons… Fun times!  But many viewers don’t seem to agree with that. Let’s take a look at some of their comments.
‘’  ‘Next prank, kill yourselves
When destruction of property happens, it’s not a prank, it’s a crime
I know what I’ll do today… I’ll go to a grocery store and make a mess so someone could clean it up and add to his/her shitty day!
I still don’t understand why this is a thing
That video made me want to beat them to death with gallons of milk.
I’d have handed the kid the mop and watched him do it. Old school grocer style.
If you see someone do this, do not hesitate. Beat the living shit out of him
How about we video an EPIC kick in the face video? Like you teeth down your throat? THAT would be hilarious!’‘’

But what about all the cows that are constantly working to produce all this milk?  I bet they would be mad at you too.

So, we have a proposal for you: we compromise to donate one ton of milk per month for Spanish food banks and 2 tons for UNESCO, the United Nations center for children. You can be a part of it. In our website www.dontspill.dia.com you can donate as many liters of milk you want. In exchange, no more spilling in our stores.


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