DTAC ad is trivial

I confess. I play Candy Crush as if it is thrice-daily obligatory prayer of a Muslim. I do enjoy instagramming if I ever stop by the beaches of Pacifica. Then, post about the old naked creepy guys on Twitter: ‘They sure ain’t lying when they called this beach GRAY WHALE COVE’. And, who needs SMS when you got WhatsApp? My dear old Samsung pal provides me all.

DTC GSM operations system addresses on its ad just the same topic I’m talking: technology on human interaction. Yet it takes the use of tech. into another level that fails to become a good one.

It indicates how we give in the most basic feelings and behaviors that make us human. The guy in the ad is a tech-savvy person. I’m guessing an educated working man. But, the ad doesn’t retrieve setting a very low bar for the new dads of our generation. Not education is underestimated but, I’m not sure the given message is %100 clear too.

The storyline occurs to me as some kind of a warning rather than advertising. You know, how religious dignitaries give statements once in a while about how social media can be so dangerous emotionally and cognitively. So, is this ad a wake up call before our girlfriends become an advanced operation system like in the flick ‘Her’?

What are we celebrating here anyway? The awesomeness of DTC, which is totally not stressed in the ad at all OR showing affection to alleviate his own baby as the dad’s discovery of the world’s brainwave? Why should we even encouraged to give credit to this guy where DTC should be promoted in its own ad but lacks big time?

The over-theatrical act follows by dramatic music with full of cliches. Mum gets flabbergasted in tears from the phone where she can watch her husband’s ‘feat’ that makes their baby stops crying which at this moment should supposedly makes us, the audience, cry too?

May have been a casting issue yet utmost fallacy in story line just can’t go beyond lack of creative content and cliches. It just won’t sell and will never get enough eyeballs, -unless we count the ones that are rolled-.


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