pgssFly to Istanbul from Sharm El Sheikh with your low cost airline in Turkey and make your travelling experience fully complete. With the 8th wonder of the world Hagia Sophia, the most spectacular Ottoman-made Blue Mosque, the city of Istanbul has been the scene of clashes of different civilizations that have inspired the souls of visitors for almost 1,500 years.  It has been the cause of wide-eyed amazement well before the the great chapels of Europe, and long before the Americas were even discovered.  Now, with cheap flights to Istanbul, your travel is easier than ever.  Have a blast with the peerless Turkish kebabs in the city’s top notch restaurants facing amazing landscapes of the Bosphorous or better take the popular daily boat tour to breathe the Bosphorous closely. Visit the oldest and biggest market of all times Grand Bazaar, shopping and entertainment district Beyoglu, and the fancy malls of Nişantaşı.


All over the world, Turks are well-known just for their kebabs where the truth is that the sky is the limit when it comes to Turkish cuisine.  Thanks to the fusion of West and East,  the culinary scene of the city offers a wide variety of kebabs, köfte, döner, mantı, baklava accompanied by Turkish coffee as these are the masterpieces of the cuisine.  From the rich Turkish breakfast to the popular street food of stuffed mussels,  there are plenty of options and your Istanbul holiday is not fully complete without having them.

  • Hamdi Restaurant

A spectacular panoramic view overlooking the Golden Horn and Galata Tower at the historical peninsula, with a lot of tasty kebab specialties in a well-reputed tourist-friendly place. You’ll experience the best grilled Kebabs in town.

Rüstem Paşa Mh. Kalçın Sok. No: 11 Eminönü

  • Hacı Abdullah Restaurant

Run as a successful family business since 1888, Hacı Abdullah is still the master of lamb which makes it a hot spot for Arabic tourists.  The lamb comes from Thrace, veal from Biga, thyme from Siirt, chilli pepper from Antep, butter from Urfa and olive oil  from Edremit. Amongst 400 different Ottoman dishes, the lamb casserole with yoghurt, lamb’s shank thick tomato sauce and lamb in tandori are the most popular choices.  They also offer jams, compotes and pickles. Menu is in Arabic.

Hüseyin Ağa Mah. Atıf Yılmaz Cad. No: 9/A 34250 Beyoglu

  • Nusr-et Steakhouse

The Nusret Kobe, Beef Chop with Mustard Sauce, Tenderloin Strips, Asado Beef Ribs,  the Rack of Lamb and many more steaks are so delightful that they can turn the most stern vegetarian into a fierce carnivore. Here, Baklava with the ice cream is also heavily recommended. Due to popularity of the place, make sure you have a reservation.

Nispetiye Cad. No: 87Beşiktaş, Akatlar

  • Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta

Most famous and historic köfte (meatball) eatery in the city. It  has been serving since 1920 and köfte is literally their job making it the one and only speciality of the place. It is served with bread, white beans, salad and pickled chillies.

Alemdar Mh. Divanyolu Cad. No: 12 34200

  • Bab-ı Hayat

A menu with many kebab options, Ottomanesque Bab-ı Hayat is located in the Spice Bazaar. The restaurant is very spacious and atmospheric with its tiled window frames, hand-painted ceilings. The alla turca feel in design with mostly green, red and gold colors used in details captivates you while offering the finest Turkish culinary experience.

Yeni Cami Cad.No: 39 D: 47 Haseki Kapısı 34200


What makes Istanbul an attraction is no doubt its authentic attire, ornament and gift options with reasonable prices and limitless shopping spots. Whether historic or modern, from high-end fashion to oriental handicrafts,  shopping in Istanbul is an experience in itself.

  • Grand Bazaar

One of the largest and the oldest markets in the world constructed between 1455 and 1461 and today still the most visited market of all over the world. It covers 61 streets, 4400 shops, 2195 workshops, 18 fountains, 2 bazaars, 40 caravanserais, 2200 inn rooms, 12 small mosques, 12 warehouses, 19 water pumps, a school and a bath.  For high-quality leather and cottons, jewelleries, silk scarves, rugs, Turkish pottery and tiles, Grand Bazaar is a must-go place.

Beyazıt Cad. 34050  Eminönü

  • Spice Bazaar

Most commonly known as the Egyptian Bazaar, the Grand Bazaar’s smaller cousin, Spice Bazaar,  is the second most spectacular bazaar in Istanbul. In contrast to the Grand Bazaar, countless exotic herbs and spices, nuts, and traditional foods are sold here.

Ragıp Gümüşpala Cad. 34200 Eminönü

  • Istinye Park

The most luxurious shopping mall of Istanbul offers all kinds of local and foreign retail brand shops. From Armani, Chanel to Miu Miu and Christian Louboutin, Istinye Park is high-end from bottom to the top. The country’s best butcher steak chain, popular coffee shops, GODIVA and a traditional farmer’s market are also located inside of the immense hall.

Pınar Mah. İstinye Bayırı Cad. No: 73 Sarıyer 34075

  • Kanyon

Shopping experience peaks in Kanyon given its distinctive feature of assertive layout and design. Only world brands have stores here and there are plenty of top-notch restaurants.

Büyükdere Cad. No: 185 34200

  • Nişantaşı district

A district of high-end fashion, the Mecca of most stylish people, designers and expats of the city. All the luxurious department stores from Hugo Boss to Valentino and the famous large shopping mall, City’s, are located in this fancy neighbourhood.

Valikonağı Cad. 34400


The hospitality of Turkish people is legendary and when it is comes  to accommodation of the guests,  Turks take it seriously.  In the city’s prime locations, there are an incredible amount of  choices of high class lodgings where one can be pampered in a palacial surrounding.

  • Çırağan Palace Kempinski

Çırağan is awarded the 2014 World Travel Award for best hotel in Europe for the second time.     Formerly an Imperial Ottoman Palace now housing the most exclusive guests from all over the world.

Çırağan Cad. 32, Beşiktaş 34200

  • Four Seasons Hotel

This internationally renowned luxury hotel and resort, Four Seasons, has been awarded more than 20 times.  Not only does their branch in Sultanahmet stand out for its world class service, luxurious amenities and exquisite comfort but it also reflects the elegance of both Byzantine and Ottoman works of art and architecture.

Tevkifhane Cad. No. 1 , Sultanahmet-Eminönü, 34110  

  • The Pera Palace

Located close to the beating heart of  Istanbul, Pera Palace is, hands down, one of the best luxury hotels in the city. It charms the guests with its late 19th century elegance and embodies rich history, making the hotel a unique lodging.

Meşrutiyet Cad. No: 52 Beyoglu 34200

  • The Marmara Hotel

A five minute walk away from the most dynamic and vibrant center, Taksim Square, the Marmara Hotel is the primary choice of exclusive guests, foreign bureaucrats and businessmen.

Taksim Meydanı 34437  Taksim

  • Hilton Istanbul Bosphorus

On  the Istanbul jugular, the Bosphorous, Hilton deserves its pride of place. Luxury, security, comfort suits a wide range of distinguishing clients’ needs with a professional mindset.

Cumhuriyet Cd, 34367 Harbiye


Given the wideness of the city and density of the attractions, do not let your Istanbul holiday overwhelm you. Take a stroll in the romantic underground cistern where once James Bond was featured, cleanse yourself at the one-of-a-kind historical Turkish bath house, take a day off to see beautiful Golden Horn from the scenic Pier Loti Hill, rent a bike and cruise around one of the Princes’ Islands and take pictures of the great panoramic view of the city from Galata. In short, keep calm and enjoy the ride.

  • Old City

All the must-see sites of the city are situated in the historical peninsula and rank first on any curious Istanbul visitors’ top-ten-things-to-do list. Topkapı Palace, Hagia Sophia, the Blue Mosque, the Underwater Cisterns, the Grand Bazaar, Çemberlitaş Hamam are those main attractions of Turkish heritage that any visitor shouldn’t miss out on.

 At Meydanı Cad. 34200 Sultanahmet

  • Cemberlitaş Hamam

One of the finest examples of classical hamam where everyone should experience peerless Turkish style bathing ritual. The hamam follows a classical Roman architecture with 3 interconnected rooms: the hot room, the warm room and the cold room. The hot room is for hot baths where you get scrub massage. The warm room serves for  washing up with soap and warm water. Finally the cold room is for relaxation, dressing up and getting some tea.

Vezirhan Cad. No: 8, 34440 Çemberlitaş

  • Pier Loti

Since the 18th century, this hill has been a popular haunt for Istanbul folks. Whether the panoramic view of Golden Horn served a haven from daily troubles or merely a visual bliss, tourists all the over the world come here to enjoy this historical site and to hear the story of Pier Loti over a cup of Turkish tea in one of the cafes on top of the hill.

 Pierre Loti Tepesi Turistik Tesisleri, İdris Köşkü Cad. 34050 Eyüp

  • Prince’s Islands

The Prince’s Islands are real gems for recreational purposes. Getting away from the hustle of the city, the valleys of untouched pine forests, hills, beautiful coasts and beaches offer real tranquility.  Wooden Victorian cottages and horses drawn carriages and bicycles will no doubt enchant you and yours.

IDO Kabataş İskelesi

  • Galata Tower

Thanks to the Genoese colonists who constructed the tower in 1384 as an observation center, Galata tower remains  one of the perfect viewpoints for Istanbul’s major attractions making itself the most visited landmark of the city.

Bereketzade Mh. Kule Çk 2-6 34200  Galata


Istanbulites couldn’t have been fully proud of the historically rich city without their oriental music heritage. One explains it all by saying, ‘’Turks even dance to the doorbell’’ and yet only a proper Turkish night can create an unforgettable dance show These elements of orientalism are presented with belly dancers commonly in music venues around Sultanahmet district where chic nightclubs along the Bosphorous offer contemporary music performed by talented DJs.

  • Nomads

Right across from the luxurious nightclub Club Reina, under the Bosphorous Bridge, the location of Nomads is designed for a perfect Turkish night. Enjoy your dinner outside as the sun goes down behind this beautiful Bosphorus spot. Wait until the show starts after the daylight is gone. Modern elements of middle eastern music and female dancers will take you back to legendary Persian nights as you try out a variety of Turkish mezes and foods.

Muallim Naci Cad. No: 65 Beşiktaş, Ortaköy

  • Gar Hall

The leader and representative in the Turkish tourism sector, has been giving a real feel for Turkish culture and live entertainment for 25 years. A full night of folkloric and oriental dance shows with live music dazzle under the mystic palace like ambiance. A true virtual and euphonic experience respectively follows culinary bliss with top notch Turkish eats.

Bostan Sok. No:7 | Aksaray, Fatih

  • Cahide 3D

Perfect place to celebrate birthdays, have girls-night-outs, entertain with friends. With its zestful drag shows, amazing DJ performances, Cahide is truly out of this world! Apart from typical Istanbul nightlife scene, Cahide takes you to a fairytale world.

Kadırgalar Cad. No: 19 Beşiktaş, Harbiye

  • 360

As the name suggests, 360 Istanbul derives its name from the excellent panoramic view of Bosphorus strait. It is located on the roof of the historic Mısır apartment block overlooking all the way up from the St. Antoine’s church and to the Sea of Marmara. 360 is a distinguished place for lunch and dinner offering a combination of Turkish and international cuisine. On the weekends it turns into Club 360, a fancy party house where you can enjoy live music, talented Djs, dance performances with the illusion of light shows.

İstiklal Cad. No: 163 34435  İstiklal

  • Club Reina

Sits on the edge of Bosphorus, Istanbul’s all times favorite top night club Reina is literally one of the world’s best night clubs. This amazing entertainment venue has several bars, restaurants, dance floors and accommodates more than 2500 people.  Dress code is strictly enforced.

Muallim Naci Cad. No: 44 34330 Ortaköy

Emergency Numbers:

Country Code: 00 90 +

Police: 155

Fire: 110

Ambulance: 112

Sabiha Gökçen Airport: 0216 588-8000

Consulate General in Istanbul: 0212 363-8410


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