Economic Crisis: An opportunity to create ‘’Black Oveja’’


Today, nearly half of Spain’s young people have no jobs.  The unemployment rate amongst youngsters aged between 16-24 has risen to 52%.  Many have packed their bags and turned their face to the promising lands of Northern Europe.  As the inflow continues to rise, with large vacancy in its employment market, the Venezuelan architect Merche Grosso turned the crisis into an opportunity with needles and sewing machine. Continue reading


A Millionaire In Shabby Pants


Fourteen year is a long time. In football it is an eternity. It is exactly how long Atletico Madrid had to wait since it’s last victory against local rival Real Madrid. But, they ended the long wait in the King’s Cup Final playing worthy of great praise. With exceptional performance the whole season, Atletico’s Turkish left winger Arda Turan, was surely one of the heros of that night and the whole season. Continue reading

Our press release to smashing gallon prank at our Dia Market

Recently, a video showing people smashing gallons of milk hit million views on internet. Many of these episodes took place in Dia’s stores. But what is this smashing gallons gimmick really about? For those who don’t know outside there, these pranksters  go to grocery store, which in this case is ours. One slams the gallons of milk to the floor, pretends to slip on the liquid while other one films him. Shoppers get flabbergasted. They try to help the guy. Some shopkeepers get involved too. But wait until a granny tries to get him up. Priceless. Continue reading

Private Matters


As we have the right to learn the truth, we need accessibility to it in so far as we actually need to learn or to what extent we should be informed. Should journalists look into all kinds of information for the sake of freedom of information and public interest? What is the fine line between the freedom of information and information privacy?To what extent is information considered to be for public interest and private information? Continue reading