pgssFly to Istanbul from Sharm El Sheikh with your low cost airline in Turkey and make your travelling experience fully complete. With the 8th wonder of the world Hagia Sophia, the most spectacular Ottoman-made Blue Mosque, the city of Istanbul has been the scene of clashes of different civilizations that have inspired the souls of visitors for almost 1,500 years.  It has been the cause of wide-eyed amazement well before the the great chapels of Europe, and long before the Americas were even discovered.  Now, with cheap flights to Istanbul, your travel is easier than ever.  Have a blast with the peerless Turkish kebabs in the city’s top notch restaurants facing amazing landscapes of the Bosphorous or better take the popular daily boat tour to breathe the Bosphorous closely. Visit the oldest and biggest market of all times Grand Bazaar, shopping and entertainment district Beyoglu, and the fancy malls of Nişantaşı. Continue reading


Content is Storytelling

tumblr_my58wnvdXw1t5gpg0o5_400In the late 90s, there was a dialog-free stop motion called ‘Prometheus and Bob’ ran on Nickelodeon. At the time, this three-minute show was the shortest, but the favorite animation of mine. Each episode, Prometheus, the alien of advanced intelligence, would try to show the caveman Bob a taste of civilization by educating him. Each time was a different lesson and each try would follow up with the same failure. P’s arrogance never exceeded the walls of B’s stupidity. Just when you think there might be a crumb of hope for success, meddling chimpanzee would show up from nowhere, with his mischievous attitude, it would make sure that Bob fails once again. (To read the original post click hereContinue reading

DTAC ad is trivial

I confess. I play Candy Crush as if it is thrice-daily obligatory prayer of a Muslim. I do enjoy instagramming if I ever stop by the beaches of Pacifica. Then, post about the old naked creepy guys on Twitter: ‘They sure ain’t lying when they called this beach GRAY WHALE COVE’. And, who needs SMS when you got WhatsApp? My dear old Samsung pal provides me all.
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Spain’s Legal Wars Over Cannabis I

otSince democracy arrived in Spain, personal use and possession of cannabis has never been a crime.  ‘There is no law that says either you can not use cannabis or you do not have the right to use it.’ said Martin Barriuso, the president of Pannagh and the Federation of Cannabis Clubs in Spain (FAC).   However, a lack of concrete drug policies frequently pits authorities against cannabis users.

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Spain’s Legal Wars Over Cannabis II

Thanks to federations in Spain, FAC and FEDCAC, political parties are more open for dialog to find a common ground. They agreed on creating a commission to start reviewing the regulation, which is considered as a lot to start with. However Albert Tió the president of FEDCAC (Federation of Cannabis Clubs in Catalonia) is a little prudent. ‘’We had positive reaction in personal contact with the politicians. But we also know that the proposal will be restrictive. That’s why we are waiting to be invited and make the law less restrictive’’ he said.

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